Teaching Methodology

We prepare you for any competitive exam which has Maths, Verbal and Reasoning. Basically for all these exams, Maths, Verbal and Reasoning skills form the major portion for which the preparation is common for all the students. Apart from this common preparation, we have extra preparation for CAT, extra practice for Geometry, Algebra, Higher Level Reasoning and intensive practice for Data Interpretation.

For the students who perform really well in the regular batches, we have a Toppers batch.In this batch, the last 25 years question papers are solved at length with an aim to maximise speed and accuracy and optimise time management.

GRE: Higher Level Vocabulary, Sentence Equivalence and Reading Comprehension

GMAT: Sentence Correction, Critical Reasoning and Analytical Writing Assessment

Bank PO: Banking Awareness and General Knowledge

SSC: Trigonometry and Algebra

UPSC: Complete preparation for General Studies which includes History, Geography, Economics, Indian Polity etc and intensive Answers Writing practice.

MPSC: Complete preparation for General Studies which includes History, Geography, Economics, Indian Polity etc.

For each of these courses, a test series is conducted seperately.

As our Punchline goes, "It's all about A(p)titude" we strongly believe that you need to have both a right Aptitude and Attitude to succeed in anything. To get you the right attitude, we have Personality Development Courses. We even have sessions like Cross Gender Communication which are conducted separately for both the sexes. Group Discussions and Mock interviews are an integral part of our preparation.

As we believe that there are no barriers for knowledge, any PGA student is allowed to attend any lecture he/she wants to attend.

Only the Toppers batch is selection based, as the difficulty level of the questions in this batch is quite high and not everyone can cope with it. But anentry in the Toppers batch is a sure shot guarantee of a great CAT score and a wonderful career ahead. As part of the PGA experience, the student is provided a holistic preparation that consists of creating a profile, learning aptitude, achieving technical proficiency, learning life skills and preparing for group discussions and interviews (Technical, HR and MR). The highlights of the courses offered are intensive training, interacting with subject matter experts and professionals and a rigorous preparation of the exams right from the entrance test to the final selection round. Our Placement Cell is actively involved in liaising between professional opportunities and eligible candidates.

The investment for this one year membership is Rs 11,500 (Inclusive of all the taxes).